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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. Prepare the skin for treatment - remove make up, clean and dry the skin.

Step 2. Dry skin can be coated with talcum powder on the skin to allow the electrode to slide smoothly; Oily skin can be manipulated directly on the skin.

Step 3. Perform the massage for 10 min, gliding the probe over the face: from the bottom to the top.

Note: The stay time in one skin cannot exceed 5s

Step 4. Apply skin care product to complete the treatment.

1.Choose one of the glass electrode tube mounted on the handle

2.Turn on the power supply and turn on the switch

3.Touch the glass electrode with your hand,sense and adjust to the appropiate

Through a glass tube filled with argon gas to treat acne prone skin. An extremely small amount of ultra-violet light is emitted when the violet electrode makes contact with the skin. Such brief and low level UV light exposure is consideed safe and provides excellent anti-bacterial and healing benefits.

  • - Alexa. J - From Glasgow

    Great device! All attachments work properly. I like that you only have to touch the top of the device instead of the glass attachment before setting onto the skin. Good value.

  • - Sarah. M - From London

    Wonderful. Came to the England in 10 days. All the nozzles are intact. Even taking into account the fact that the box was not packed in a puff-it came absolutely whole.

  • - Emma. T - From Manchester

    Good quality I use it every night on clean dry face before my skin care my face looks better after the use

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